Club Archaeology Digs


The Club became involved with County Archaeologists and Private Archaeology Companies in 2005.   This outcome was the result of better communications with Local Councils and networking with the relevant bodies to make them more aware that “SARG” could offer a very reliable and dependable service when working in partnership with Archaeologists. 


Within archaeological excavation and fieldwork detectors have made a large contribution to the understanding of individual sites by the prediction and recovery of artefacts. This provision of information data and the location of diagnostic material is used for on site patterning that might otherwise have been missed.     The use of detectors especially in Battlefield Surveys has been invaluable, and the Club has been very successful from 2005-11 taking part in them.   I know that the teams which took part in the surveys below found them an invaluable experience when working alongside Archaeologists, and all had a great time, even including digging the usual coke cans and silver paper.    The Club plan for upcoming Surveys, is to continue to rotate teams mixed with new and the experience survey members, this will allow everyone in the Club who is interested, the chance to familiarise themselves with Archaeological Survey detecting techniques.

All club members have civil liability insurance up to £5,000,000 which includes cover for the whole of the UK, this is issued by the National Council of Metal Detecting, to which the club is affiliated.

Could any interested Archaeologist or Archaeology companies who would like to use our services please contact myself (Lesley) at,  and I shall send you our Club CV regarding Surveys.

Survey Record

2005: June, Path-head, Edinburgh Roman Survey

2005: June, Pinkie Battlefield (1547), Edinburgh

2005: Sept, Lost Bishops Palace of Easter House

2006: 15th July, Milton Mill, Bannockburn (Part 1)

2006: 22nd July, Battle Bothwell Bridge, Lanarkshire

2006: 16th Sept, Broadleys Survey, Bannockburn (Part 2)

2007: 18th Feb, Peebles Roman Survey, Peebles

2007: 10th March, Survey, Stirling

2007: 17th March, Bannockburn High School Survey, Stirling

2007: April & May, Pinkie Battlefield (1547), Edinburgh

2007: 11th August, Survey, Stirling

2007: 1st September, Survey, Stirling

2008: 25th & 26th August, Cairn, Angus, (Dr Oliver O’Grady)

2008: 15th & 16th November, Dumfries, (Dr Oliver O’Grady)

2009: 14th Feb, Whitemoss Roman Fort, Bishopton (Firat)

2009: 1st & 2nd August, Royal Forteviot, (Guard)

2009: 4th – 22nd November, Prestonpans, (Guard)

2011: 16th April, Bannockburn, (Headland)

2011: July, Battle of Kilsyth

2011: 31st Oct, Pirnhall, Stirling, (AOC)

2011: Nov

The most successful and highly publicised survey done so far was Bishops Loch; this was featured on the BBC News and in various Scottish Newspapers. The Club managed to find tangible evidence, which included Medieval Silver Coins, and a Medieval Ring Brooch from the Lost Bishops Palace.    All items found after conservation will be displayed at the St Mungos Museum in Glasgow.

Another successful dig in 2006 was the Battle of Bothwell Bridge, here the survey team managed to recover various Battlefield artefacts including a superb dagger pommel.   They also established the location of one of the battlefield firing lines after plotting the recovered musket balls and cannon shot which showed up as almost straight row.  I’m pleased to say that in all of the above surveys the Club managed to recover datable evidence, which in turn helped along with the other Archaeological evidence to accurately date or clarify data relating to these sites.

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